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Paarden MRIMRI technology offers you the best possible visual technology for the diagnosis of your horse. MRI’s are very effective in making three dimensional images of the head and legs of your horse. They can reveal the full extent of an equine’s injury and yield a far more definitive diagnosis than any other visual technology.
In order to allow the Equine MRI, your horse will be anesthetised for a short period of time. As no surgery is performed, anaesthetic risks are generally very low. The benefits of knowing the exact physical state of your horse most certainly outweigh the inconvenience of the anaesthesia.

We have chosen to use a horizontal MRI, where the horse lays down, as these allow a much higher quality of imaging. Vertical MRI’s which are conducted when the horse is standing, have the great disadvantage of imaging of lower quality. There is thus a much greater risk of leaving injuries to cartilage and other problems undiscovered.

Esaote-logoOur MRI scanner leaves no health issues undetected. For the proper diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of your horse this is of great importance.

Het narcose risico is zeer klein en weegt niet op tegen het missen van afwijkingen.

Why an Equine MRI ?

The costs of an MRI might look rather high, however our broad experience has shown that in some cases it is absolutely imperative to conduct one.

  • Certain parts of the joints and ligatures can’t be completely visualised by radiology and echography. If a treatment and a certain recovery period are being proposed while the diagnosis is not adequate, this will increase your costs, the time spent on recovery, and will be very unfortunate for all parties concerned, especially the horse.
  • An MRI will cost more than doing a scan. However, it will prevent unnecessary high costs due to ineffective and inaccurate treatments. You will also save on stabling and maintenance costs. With an MRI we can immediately make an accurate diagnosis of the injuries that need treatment.
  • If an improper treatment is prescribed, you will wait for a long period for your horse to recover, and in the end not have the anticipated results.

Do you have any questions about MRI?

If you have any questions about Equine MRI or if your horse is having unidentified problems or injuries; Please feel free to contact us